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They did not give me the segment of the operator's room


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It happens that the internal war ends and teshin gave me his rewards like the orvius, but ordis should have given me the segment for the operator's room and he did not give it to me I assumed he had to complete the harrow chains, I did and he did not give it to me either,  They told me to do the looka of saya and he did not give it to me either, I have been waiting for 4 days for you to order me to continue and make the apostasy prologue and continue with the sacrifice, but I can not safely advance because of this bug / error,  I affirm that it is ppr that I looked for in the Wikipedia of warframe and this segment is given to you at the end of the internal war, I already restarted the game, I did the adventure again and nothing, I even sent a jm ticket and they have not responded to me, if anyone can,  please help me, thanks for your attention 

I created another forum in English so that you can help me :) 


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