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Me: aww man, i love The idea behind K-drives, but they're so limited, DE: say no more, tenno!!!

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Looking forward to see what she's like as well 👍. I like the thought of gliding around the tiles during missions, and her design looks pretty cool.

It's nice too that they're making a few minor changes for K-Drives now that they've got a boarding Warframe

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On 2021-05-31 at 8:50 PM, vanaukas said:

Do a backroll and you can deactivate volt's buff

And a counterpoint to that is the fact that Speed is recastable at any point. Many Volt players have maximized strength with short durations, and just spam speed all the time. You can be forced into Speed twice during a single backflip animation. Someone who really doesn't want speed, say they want to use a certain melee combo, would end up spending more of their time trying to backflip out of Speed than doing anything else, or just lagging behind doing nothing. 

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People complain about bumping into things like it’s the end of the world or it breaks the flow of what an absolute ninja legend they are while they walk around spamming a one key kronen prime combo ….

same people who bullet jump into a pipe and have to type unstuck, drop down and then bullet jump back onto the same pipe. 

Except on Zephyr where her floaty light passive can make the bump take forever to end this isn’t really half the issue people with bad reflexes make it out to be.

You can always Helminth her k drive away and replace it with gloom and walk around like a really slow blender. You can practice your reflexes and steering. You can not mod her for speed. You can not use the k drive in certain halls and then re equip it later. 


Working off this bump complaint though perhaps it’s time for a mod like Prime Sure footed that shortens or removes bump time. And on the other end of the scale perhaps one that turns bumps into bounces. Lol Gauss Pinball. 


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