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Abilities Jamming!


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Not sure if this is also happening on other platforms, but I have been noticing on my series x, ever since the last update, whenever i use abilities, and more so in succesion, they "get stuck" (the game seems to think you are holding open the ability menu when you are not) and pressing A,B,X,Y or LB results in you spamming powers or Transferring (which is incredibly annoying!) instead of performing the action you should be, aka jumping, bullet jumping, switching weapons ect.

could someone please look into this?


also just as a side note, while having an ability menu is okay, could there be an option to have simplified ability controls? aka tap RB uses ability, hold RB uses alt ability. dpad left n right cycle powers, and both warframes and necramechs have 5 abilities, to account for transference? 

while i dont mind the current setup, i feel like this would not only stop this bug im having, but just make things feel a bit more streamlined.

maybe also having the option of pulling the melee all back to one button (aka tap and hold are seperate melee actions) might improve the feel of melee combat too. (I find i use heavy attacks a lot less due to where the heavy attack is currently mapped. this is just my thoughts on the binding though)


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