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WTS CC+MS+Slash -120% impact [Daikyu] riven. BUILT IN HUNTER MUNITIONS.


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As the title suggests, a very rare Daikyu riven, with the following stats:
Slash +131.8%
Crit chance +183% 
Multishot +116% 
Impact -123%

Very rare stat combination, resulting in consistent slash procs and consistent 1 shots of level 180s, Slash in high value alongside 0 impact and high status chance bow.

asking price is 2.5k, not negotiable. If you wish to see it in action, i can demonstrate in the simulacrum. 
Friend me ingame @Invasive_Zim and i will contact you as soon as we're both online, unless you contacted me first. 

Edit: forgot to add: the added 131% slash remove the need for hunter munitions to proc slashes consistently, adding an extra mod slot to use for extra damage/utility. 

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