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Adding Pistol Gambit to Despair removes Hornet Strike damage?


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I was reconfiguring my Lvl 9 Despair throwing knives, which had a drain 10 Hornet Strike in the first Madurai slot (final drain of 5), and a drain 3 No Return. I added a drain 2 Flawed Pistol Gambit in the second Madurai slot to finish up my mod capacity, but once I added it, the stats changed to show the increased crit. chance, but also removed the damage of Hornet Strike until I swapped their places, which restored the damage from Hornet Strike, but removed the crit. chance of Pistol Gambit.


TL;DR: I added Pistol Gambit to the Despair throwing knives and it removed the damage from Hornet Strike, unless I switched them, which made Hornet show up, but not Gambit.

Not game breaking, but weird. Thank you for all your hard work and the amazing game!


Pictures attached below, in case I wasn't clear enough about the issue:





Note: Fairly similar issue with Dragon Nikana and Heavy Impact:




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Modding in relays/dojos/towns currently will show inaccurate stats in your modding screen, but will still work just fine in a mission.


Always return to your orbiter (main menu) for accurate stats on your modding screen.

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