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HELP || Can not use skill of Plexus, how to set the key setting of Empytean


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Hi, it's bother me a few days, I can't find solution so I come here.

Once I accidentally set the keyboard settings wrongly in a mission then I reset the keyboard settings.

Then I want to go to Empytean to try to get a Pennant blueprint, I use LAVOS as captain(you know LAVOS no need mana to use Plexus skills). 

But I found I can not use any skill of my Plexus. I have install "Blackout Pulse", "Shatter Burst" and "Seeker Volley" on my Plexus.

But when I push number key "1", "2", "3", there is nothing happened. It's very affect the gaming experience. I can't defeat enemy without my skill.

Reset keyboard settings to default values is not work. This happened only on one of my computers.


My request is to tell me how to set the key setting of Empytean, or add key setting of Empytean in the custom button setting, or pls tell me how to solve this problem.:sadcry:


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