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What status effects do I wanna put on a shotgun?



Let’s say you got a shotgun that does well in status, like the recent Astilla Prime. As much as I’d love to put Viral on it like I would do with rifles and melee weapons, I dunno how wise that would be, seeing as how the idea of shotguns is supposed to be to do as much damage as you can in one shot from the get go. Would I just build for DoT? Shield shredding (since Viral is dog against shields)? Or is Viral still good on shotguns?

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Astilla is not your typical shotgun, since it fires one projectile only (+ multishot effects, of course), and the projectile explodes (2.4 m radius) upon hitting something. Instead of getting multiple status effects from X number of pellets Astilla stacks effects by it's decent fire-rate & mag size and by every projectile having 1 guaranteed impact proc and 2 chance-based procs (slug + explosion). If you go above 100% status chance you have 3 guaranteed procs and 2 chance-based procs per projectile.

There is no definite "mod like this"-setup for Astilla, instead there is a lot of flexibility, especially in normal starmap use. You can use that flexibility for some rather special builds, like enhancing the amount of slash damage (of the explosion) in order to increase it's proc weight and increase DPS with multishot & fire-rate. A build that procs Bleed with a fairly high status chance within 2.4 meter of every hit is pretty fun to use, if you are a chill enough to let the Bleed procs kill the enemies. With 6 "base mods" (Primed Point Blank, Hell's Chamber, Sweeping Serration, Vigilante Armaments, Shotgun Spazz & Shotgun Savvy) you have an explosion that procs status with 70% chance and 80% of those procs are Bleed (from Slash). With MS at 2.8 and a fire-rate at 8.3 the effective DPS (taking the Bleed DoT into account) from the explosion alone is pretty impressive, even with 2 mod slots empty.

Just remember that Bleed DoT is calculated from base damage, so you can't increase it using elemental/physical mods (Sweeping Serration increases the chance that Bleed procs, not the actual Bleed DoT damage). But you can increase base damage/Bleed DoT damage with mods like Vicious Spread (+90%), Blaze (+60%)and the correct Primed Cleanse mod (for a 140% damage increase).

Since you can reach +100% status chance and generate at least 6 status effects (with MS from Hell's Chamber), four of which procs with a radius of 2.4 meters, it works quite well as a status proc'cer for Condition Overload. And even better if you mod for negating the self stagger from the explosion (for close quarter use).

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3 hours ago, (PSN)InstaFiz said:

the idea of shotguns is supposed to be to do as much damage as you can in one shot

Shotguns in Warframe cover many, many variations.

Astilla is a Full-Auto AoE(ish) weapon, it's not a Hek-style single shot deletion boom stick.

(Though even on Hek you may want to go for Viral, and Vaykor can use Viral + Hun Mun quite effectively.)

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