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Mod Nulification?


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I'm not sure if this is the right sub-forum, this is a first. But, getting to the point, my Continuity is getting nulified. It's seemingly random, but when I equipped the Vigor mod on my Gauss, it took away 30% duration. I tried taking off Continuity and putting it back, but nothing. I even recorded an Xbox clip, but is this a problem for anyone else?


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I have noticed that when I apply regular mods to some weapons  the stats act normally. However as soon as I add curtain stance mods it greatly decreases stats almost worse than the basic stats.

For example. The Dark Split Sword, if I equip a heavy blade stance (Crossing snakes, Cleaving Whirlwind, Tempo Royale), the stats act normally. Once I replace the heavy blade stance with a dual swords stance (Swirling Tiger), stats drastically drop. 

Same issue with the Dragon Nikana and Skiajati swords

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