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xaku helminth advice ?



I hadn't played xaku since the inital release and since the rework I decided to finally get back, my initial idea was to drop "the lost" since I have a dislike of the "several abilities smush into 1" so I ended up putting breach over this figuring it would effectively kind of do the same thing, the sparks aren't stripping defenses but they are killing other targets !

now I am finding on lower level missions that 1)Whisper and 3)breach aren't getting any use because 2)Grasp of Lohk is doing double time, ! I am basically just running around in 4)vast untime spamming dodge and grasp is killing everything!

this got me thinking of adding either the speed dash thing from either Nezha or Lavos to give me an extra thing to press and to make hovering up enemies with grasp even more efficient ! , any suggestions which would be better of the 2? I was thinking that lavosh dash might be too fast to let grasp kill stuff but its expensive to test!! also was wondering what I put it over since both 1) and 3) are mostly going unused at this point!

secondly I was thinking should I be using two configs? a different one for harder content like steel path ? finding that actually 1)whisper is actually starting to get better here and things are sticking around long enough to even throw the occasional breach out but the extra skills are making me a little energy starved, the speed alone isn't needed as much due to enemies taking longer to remove!

should I be making 2 different helminth builds based on the kinds of content I want todo or is there a happy medium that maybe works for both ? maybe just imprint nezha fire over grasp for both setups?

suggestions ?

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