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Dojo Room rotaion bias + Lich VOs repeating every 30s


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So I'm trying to set up some of the new rooms for my clan's Dojo, but I'm finding that warframe is simply refusing to allow me to build rooms how I want. It seems that only certain doors allow the room to 'root.' For example, I wanted to build the Infested room so the big light on the wall is facing the entrance, not above the entrance. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I rotate the room, it simply refuses to let me build there. So I wasted the resources and plat to build a series of connectors all the way around to the back of where I want to put the tile, started the Infested room in the orientation I want, but now I can't delete the hallways without destroying the Infested room first, despite it having a door connected to the Hall of Honor opposite of the back halls. I also discovered that I can't cancel construction once it's started, so now I wasted plat on 5 hallways and have to wait 24 hours just to undo the construction.

Similarly, I want to put a pair of Entrati Chambers on either side of a Grander Hall, but it won't let me root/anchor/connect the side doors of the Entrati Chamber to the side doors of the Grander Hall.

Also, just a constant annoyance while building/decorating: My lich's "Wait, where'd my backup go..." VO keeps playing every 30s, regardless of it having the required trait or not. Forever. Non-stop. Unceasing. I've really come to dislike having a lich while working on my dojo.

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