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I'm not so sure so i'll ask !



Hey guys ! 
As a player who have played a LOT I'm always wondering if DE is gonna up some reward (1500-15000 cred, 200 endo, crap silver/copper mod in reward rotation, ect ...) cause it always anger me to loot almost nothing in regards of some other game mode who are much more rewarding. Feel like wasting time somewath ... So have you heard Dev talking about it or anything which migth help ? 

PS: I do understand that some of those rewards aren't that bad when you start the game but later looting a 5000 cred reward really feel like a "he he nope" 

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Most rewards are failure states, aka: 'better luck next time' rewards. It's all part of the time gates. 

Updated rewards are few are far between in the last 8 years. And usually just to slow down day one patch players and using their metrics as a base line as replacement for knowing their own economies.

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3 minutes ago, Slayer-. said:

Get to 2000 login days and you'll get pink boxers from Steve. lol

I'm eagerly looking forward to it.

If i don't get what's promised. I demand your pink boxers... or any closest color

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