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Matchmaking is BROKEN


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its been like this for a few weeks atleast, since the last update that supposedly fix the dojo icons (funny, it didnt)
anyways, the matchmaking for atleast nearly everyone (including myself) has been completely broken due to that update

THIS IS NOT CLIENT SIDE, this is due to your recent updates guys
for me when i try to invite anyone from my clan, they "appear offline" and whenever i try to go somewhere and try to make them "forced" into my squad, it gives them a firewall port popup

players shouldnt have to mess around with their connection settings to play your game, atleast half the playerbase wont even know how to do that without likely messing something up
please, please, im giving you the benefit of the doubt, maybe you didnt mean to mess things up this bad, but please for the love of the lotus, fix multiplayer for this multiplayer game!

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Yeah, I'm constantly hanging when trying to join a game on plains of eidolon or cracking relics, but i got a way to (sort of) recover from eternally trying to join a game. Put the console in sleep mode for a moment, then when you start up again you'll stop trying to connect to a game.  But the game will still act like you're in a party so if you try again it will do that vote thing, but press x to cancel and you'll be free again.

...yeah I know it's stupid...PLZ FIX PARTIES QUICK DE

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This has been an issue for me since before the last update. I thought it may have something to do with my spotty internet, but I have saw too many forum posts about this issue for that to be the case! 

Every time I try to join a public squad, I get stuck in an infinite loading screen. It just says “please wait” and won’t let me do anything. I have been left waiting various amounts of time before having to force restart the game. 

Every time I try to join a clanmate, it always says one of us is offline; when clearly neither one of us are because we are chatting with each other in game. 

This is an issue that desperately needs to be fixed! 


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