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Pvp In The Future? Plus Survival Question



1.  I know this has probably come up a lot, but I am new here.  When I first heard about this game, I read in  a few places there was no plans for PVP.  Now, I see there are 1 v 1 and 2 v 2 matches.  Are there any plans to add any other PVP content like team death matches or domination?


2.  Also, I read there is a survival mode.  Is this a horde mode where you group up and survive as many waves as possible?  or is it another mission type...ie survive 5 rounds and advance.

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I hope they will just let off PvP and concentrate on important stuff.


This game was never thought to contain a PvP mode and no matter how long DE will fix and update it, it will probably always stay half-assed. It was just a mistake to give us basic PvP but you should understand that people are here for good PvE-coop action, PvP-niche is covered by other games.

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