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Another augment for nidus 4th "Ravenous"


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I would name it Growing Mutation

it's function: Hitting/Killing 10 enemies with maggots explosions grows an Elite-Cyst on ravenous floor that will spawn a Charger up to 4. Then it will only make a radial healing pulse about 16m from those 3 bigger cyst (those that a nullifier needs to dissipate to stop the ravenous ground), and the healing will be a % of each maximun health, like 1% and give infested companions (maggots, chargers, strain set maggots, helminth charger(kubrow), and ¿why not? pathocyst maggots too) bonus damage on their attacks based on 1% of enemies max health(can be reduced by armor) as viral damage without status chance. This way if the 7 maggots managed to latch onto the same enemy, this would receive 7% of its maximum health (less if it has armor) giving them a little chance to do damage instead of just stun them waiting for someone to kill them. And more if the 4 chargers come to help :D

i'd just find it very cool as i like to play with pets, and this would synergise pretty well with predasytes abilities, like the healing one (Latric Micelium i think is called) and the other one that looks the same but gives toxin damage

if ember can have 2 deluxe skins, and titania 2 different augments for her 4, then i have hope this can be true someday too

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