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Tenet of the Void Alliance is Looking for Clans!

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Brand New Veteran-led Alliance looking to start filling our ranks. We are active daily and our goals are to create a space for clans and their members to socialize, form groups, and get help from one another. We aren't setting hard requirements on what kinds of clans can join at this point in time but we don't accept toxicity or drama and we want clans to be as active as possible.

This won't be one of those alliances where the lead clan lords over everyone else. We're not asking for weekly roster screenshots, activity checks, or other invasive and controlling stuff that other Alliances do either. It's your clan, you run it how you want. We're just looking to create a helpful community for your clan and members to grow.

If this sounds like the kind of Alliance you want for your clan, message me in game or through PSN at ItsShooty_

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