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Move Kitgun and Zaw Rivens to Simaris


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Hey DE

you already set a Precedent.

People felt cheated when they got a Riven from Sortie and it turned out to be for Sentinel Weapons. So you moved them to Simaris exclusively. Took them off the Sortie reward pool.


Well, no one likes Zaw or Kitgun rivens either! Those weapon types just aren't relevant anymore, not with all the nerfs you put on them.

Just look at Trade Chat, people won't even accept them as 'trash' rivens.

So Please do the same again. Pull Zaw and Kitgun Rivens from the Sortie Reward Pool, and stick them with Simaris.



P.S. Shotguns too, they just aren't competitive ever since the Status Percentage calculation got reworked...

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