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I'm disappointed there was no bathtub devstream before tennocon.


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You guys could do a bathtub Devstream, and THEN use that bathtub water to sell gamer-dev bathwater.... AND THEN it's only PROFIT (Insert stonks meme)

C'MON DE STOP SLACKING HERE!!! (Especially you Steve, you promised us bathwater a while back now) Srsly, Yareli's reveal would also be the PERFECT one to do a bathtub stream too.

...tsk tsk



Disclaimer: This is just meant as a joke, please don't actually do a bathtub stream... unless it's pink rhino and Yareli in a bathtub... but no don't because then I could see R34 having a field day, adding a plot twist that the water is actually Hydroid in puddle form, and then tentacles come out and then.... yeah I'ma stop now, sorry for that visual. Poor pink rhino

NGL I feel dirty after writing this, even though it's just meant as a joke. I hope this at least made someone smile tho... well probably not, but at least it'll make some ppl cringe...  (like myself ^^')


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4 hours ago, Maka.Bones said:

You know... Hydroid's tentacles could be really useful while bathing. They could scrub your back, and clean hard-to-reach places.... 

Maybe Hydroid is a good and wholesome boi, but simply misunderstood


there's a reason me and my friends call him "Hentai Lord Hydroid".

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