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DE, I dont think its a good idea to give us Elite Crewmates from Ticker, let us train them too.


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You could give Command10 the ability for us to make them Elite and whatever it entails too.

Not just "Your older crew is no longer relevant with this new set", but "You can get better one and train the ones you currently have to the same level".


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I would personnaly like if they could get XP (rank 0-30 as usual) and get some bonus health/shields/armor on level up, and then, every 10 level they'd get another skill point to spend.

As for the quirks, having "bonus damage with X house weapons" is kinda niche imho, as you'd either have to find 2* crewmates or more that get buffs with the guns you use and/or find and craft weapons that fits them.

I would have prefered if they added something like abilities/passives to them, like what the Brokers and Executionners have (like turrets, tether nades, boosts when under 25% hp, etc.). Maybe make it a choice of ability when they reach rank 5 in a role (and depending on which role they have maxed). Let's say your crewmate has rank 5 in Defense, you can choose between giving it some bonus equipment (like a melee weapon), various grenades (incendiary, thether, cold, etc.), 1 self rez, etc. Or for a rank 5 gunner, maybe the ability to use combat Avionics you have equiped (with cooldown) or even the Calamity. 


*: I say 2 because the weapons for side turrets are the same, so if you want the best damage output you'd need both gunners to have a bonus with the same condition.

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Training should've been a thing from the get-go, but I guess hindsight isn't 20/20 at this point.

The Command Intrinsic tree feels so hollow & experimental, they could've done better. I don't care if we have to inject liquidized Forma into the bloodstream of every crewmate, or spend platinum just to change their names. Customization is a major positive in the Warframe experience, customization is linked to a stronger sense of sentimentality, grind isn't one of those motivating factors that plays to the strength of the game. The fact that we have to waste even more resources is just plain insulting.

Are Liches & Sisters even getting unique perks or the ability to allocate skill points to make them more specialized? If not, the incentive to use them has dropped to rock bottom at this point. Does DE even read the forums anymore?

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Rank 10 is kind of disappointing and a gimmick if you have nowhere else to spend your intrinsics on. The bonusses mentioned in the devstream seem not really worth it. I'd say skip it unless there's nothing else to get and even then you can probably just ignore it. Guess we'll have to wait and see if people start using it for the actual effect, but if they don't increase on board crew survival stats significantly then there's really no point because there will be no added value. Gunners are pinpoint accurate and with the correct turrets will one shot max level fighters. The Pilot is useless and a bonus stat will not help. Engineer needs a bit more survivability since in one of the updates they made it so that while you're away from the ship ramsleds seem to gain massive damage reduction so they will always hit your ship.

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Agreed. I'm of the opinion that Crew Progression should have been a thing from the start. Rather than selling us Elite Crew, we should have been able to train our existing crew to Elite status ourselves. Seriously, what IS it with DE's obsession with standard looter-shooter mechanics of late? Everything has to be randomly rolled. Just keep hitting that lever and hope you get the drop you want. Why?

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Posted (edited)

Really not a big fan of Command 10 Either, for the following reasons:

  • For one it makes all the time and resources we spend farming our current crew meaningless, as they will become instantly obsolete the second the update drops. I literally checked Ticker daily since pretty much the launch of the corpus railjack, collecting what is essentially a perfect crew of at least one member of each faction that looks cool / has a nice name / had good hp values / had a cool voice and the stats I wanted... Now all of them will be thrown in the garbage to make room for a new crew with similar stats , but with a perk !!! Wow exciting ! ... Especially after you guys said you would eventually be able to train and level up our crewmembers, was expecting to at least be able to keep improving my existing crew that I was attached with....
  • Speaking of which , it totally devaluates the roleplay and attachment we have with our crew. Why even make a system where you can build a crew with personalities if you force your players to get rid of the crews with each update ... I mean, I like my engineer with the Fett surname, I've colored her like Boba Fett and I like having her around my ship... Well, time to end her contract so I get a 10% damage increase on my turret... I'll surely care as much about the new random that takes her place.
  • We talk alot about band-aid mods and similar situations where you put essential core features on niche clunky to use item or feature for no reason, but I feel this is should be a core feature and not something tied to a Command 10 Intrinsic. Why can't all 10 stat current existing crewmembers just get a new perk and just ditch this whole "reward that's not really a reward" thing. Rank 10 should be gamechangers, I can think of tons of cooler ideas, like the following:

Suggestion for Rank 10 Command :  Specter AI Control Module - Hitting your deployed Necramech with void energy will activate it and it will fight alongsides the player (with more hp since it probably will have trouble staying alive and possibly a feature where it goes back to idle / cooldown repair mode after taking too much damage instead of dying). Can also use void energy to activate your Warframe to give it umbra-like sentience for the rest of the mission, allowing you to have your frame / necramech / lich and operator fighting at once in some situations.

Best part : It's already pretty much implemented... I mean we can already summon specters of our frames with our consumables, and there's some rudimentary Necramech AI that's being used by them when you meet them in the wild in Deimos which I assume could work to some extent when expended on factions other than infested... maybe...

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2 hours ago, (PSN)Stealth_Cobra said:

has a nice name

This was the most important.

I want Venetor Amicushibatabatabatanamonoshi to be Elite Venetor Amicushibatabatabatanamonoshi.

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