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Solo Syndicate [PC] [ENG]


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I am a solo player who got curious at what it would be like to create a clan and design a Dojo how I wish. I'm now opening for recruitment for anyone wishing to join a clan for whatever reason. The Dojo is still fairly new and I am still working on it bit by bit. Anyone is welcome so long as they respect others. I have zero tolerance for drama, so keep that in mind. My clan will have no requirements to fulfill, no "you must do this" to be a part of the clan. I don't care how active anyone is, but if by some chance the clan does reach member capacity and others are still wanting to join, I will look at less active members. I myself will not be active every day, but I will hop on several times throughout each week. Dojo development will go as fast as I am willing to grind or as fast as others are generous with contributing resources. I am looking forward to seeing the completion of the Dojo with the designs I have in mind. I would like to show appreciation to any who contribute to the Dojo's development, but I cannot promise anything. The best I can do is offer what relics and prime parts I possess for as free as I can make them, and possibly a gift whenever I get the rare platinum discounts. If this gives incentive to many players please keep in mind: I am not made of money. I will return the favors as best I can.

So, on an end note, if you want to join a clan with no strings attached and like to contribute to a developing place, this could be a nice place for you.

Update: Tenno, Chemical, and Tech labs are up and running! Research is now beginning.

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