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[Simulacrum] Universal Ammo Restore Not Refilling Epitaph


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I decided to mess around in the Simulacrum to get a better idea of my color schemes and outputs, and noticed that - for some reason - the ammo restores in the Simulacrum by the door cannot refill Epitaph.

Tested with an Epitaph using Ammo Mutation and without Ammo Mutation. In both instances, I get the message "Ammo Full", despite Epitaph being under it's ammo max if not empty.

Tested trying to grab it at 59/60 ammo and at 0/60 ammo for both mod states. Not sure if this applies to universal ammo restores created by Lavos or Protea, or universal ammo restores found in the Index.

Pistol ammo restores still refill Epitaph correctly, same with pistol ammo generated from converting non-universal ammo restores. Epitaph is the only weapon equipped.

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