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UI Bug - Railjack rewards


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New bug since the changes to the Railjack mission UI recently.

Ran 2 missions, both Void Fissures in Nu Gua

- Mission 1 I picked up a Harrow BP and an Inaros Prime part from the relic, all good, displayed fine

- Mission 2 I picked up a Sevagoth Chassis and a Forma BP part from the relic

- Left mission by quitting out leaving party

- End of mission reward screen plays, only shows the results from Mission 1, no mention of Mission 2, either consolidated or as the "Latest Mission". Used to be consolidated (ie run 5 missions and see accumulated credits, resources, relic parts).

- Go back to orbiter and check Inventory - received the Forma BP and the Seva Chassis (so appears I received rewards partly verified but didn't track credits or other items so can't tell if I received 100% of rewards.)

- Bring up "Last Mission" results in ESC while sitting in Orbiter and still shows only Mission 1, no mention of Mission 2.


Should EITHER be a consolidated mission result of all Railjack runs OR mission result for last mission run.

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