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I want this "abort update" bug fixed


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I finished a 1 hour survival with my friends in the steel path, saw that i collected 48 steel essence, not a lot but its enough for 30k kuva. As we finish the mission i get an "abort update" message and i wait a few minutes because last time this happened i got my material and hydroid bp......its been about 30 minutes now and i am realizing that i wont be getting my steel essence from this weird interference that i for sure know is not my xbox nor my connection. Im honestly pissed atm because i wanted to roll my fulmin riven with that 30k kuva and im not going to get any of those material. Please fix this because hearing ordis say, "is everything in ordis?" 3 times after this incident i feel like uninstalling the game. I tried reloading the game on my xbox but realized i am not getting those essence. What do i do?

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