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So, My Rhino Helmet That I Was Manufacturing Decided To Disappear For No Reason.


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Literally as the title says, while i was making my helmet for RHINO (last piece for my first warframe Q.Q ), i looked on my inventory to sell some planes that i didnt wanted or never think about using them, i saw i had 2 planes of the RHINO helmet, so i decided to sell them.


A few missions later, i watch the progress of my helmet and the sistems of RHINO, then i literally went crazy when i saw that the helmet stopped manufacturing, it wasnt even in the list of items, and i lost all the materials i needed for it, this really &!$$ed me off, and i would like the developers could fix it soon as possible so this wont happen to anyone anymore.


(Sorry if i have lots of mistakes, english its not my common languague, but i hope everyone can understand)

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