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Slight impact rework idea


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Greetings people,


like the thread name says, there was an impact rework idea wandering through my mind for months now. I never bothered posting it before because i wasn't sure how would people react to it, but with recent announce by DE that they're planning to buff primaries, that idea resurfaced back to my mind. After presenting that idea to my alliance mates last night and consulting with them, i got a positive feedback and finally got courage to post it.

Without further ado, here's the idea i had:

Impact is split into two versions, weak impact and strong impact. Weak impact is procced by weapons, which doesn't have impact damage type as their primary damage type (Baza, Pandero, Nikana...) and strong impact is procced by weapons with impact damage type as their primary damage type (Arca Plasmor, Sonicor, Ankyros) and Warframe abilities which does that damage type.

Impact will proc a new mechanic called "Bruising".

  Bruising: On a first proc of impact damage, hit spot would be marked similar how Banshee's Sonar marks the weak points when cast and color of that spot would match the weapons energy color. Each consecutive impact proc on marked spot would deal increased damage. Weaker impact would have damage increased by a smaller amounts while strong impact would have damage increased by a larger amount.

An example: First weak impact hit, which mark an enemy deals 100 damage, second hit deals 105, third hit deals 110 and so on. Might sound low, but on fast hitting weapons, like Baza for example, those numbers can easily stack up. Strong impact could have higher increase, 100 into 125 into 150 etc. To make slower weapons and less used ones (I'm looking at you Sobek and Ankyros) more rewarding to use.

Hitting a mark with melee weapons would be a bit tricky, so my initial idea was to make melee impact procs on melee permanently shatter enemy armor by percentage until it's completely removed, making the enemy permanently armorless BUT that could make corrosive element obsolete, so my thought about melee impact proc is to mark the targets either original weak spot or random spot and each melee impact proc would be count as it hit the target in that spot.

To make things more interesting, and incorporate gun play with melee play is to make shooting a melee procced spot with a gun/pistol deal more damage and vice versa. Would be nice seeing more people use that mechanics and use guns along the melee.


Why would we need this impact change?

-At the moment, impact is still not in a very good spot and judging my be own experience, proccing impact on a enemy and staggering it only makes me miss couple of shots because of that awkward movement the enemy makes while being staggered.

As a clan member said, it would be fun mechanic to make an improvised "weak spot" on a enemy on demand that would make taking down tougher enemies a bit easier.


To go a bit further, a whole "IPS" rework idea was in my head but i only gave impact most though and i doubt developers would bother with reworking the whole IPS aspect of the game.

For curious, here's that idea:

Puncture: Basically, it will do what current slash does, only damage is physical and not true. The more procs of puncture the target have, the more they will bleed and lose portions of their HP more quicker.

Slash: Slash will have a new mechanic: "Wounding" which is split into two: Flesh wound and deep wound. Each slash will proc a flesh wound debuff on the target. Proccing added elemental damage on the weapon would have their damage increased. When the target gets 10 flesh wound stacks on, those stacks would disappear and a new deep wounds debuff would take place instead of it. Target would take even greater damage from the elemental damage our weapon do with addition to taking increased damage from physical damage, puncture and impact.


What you guys think about this idea? Would you enjoy it if developers reworked the impact in this way or i wasted my time posting it?

Looking forward to your criticims.


Disclaimer: I am new to forums, so if i posted this in wrong section, can someone of the mods move it to correct section? Also, english is not my first language, so i apologize in advance for typing mistakes.


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