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Machina - The Pilot Warframe.


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With Yareli and Titania having K-Drive and Archwing abilities respectively (as well as Sevagoth being a Warframe Warframe with his Shadow), I'd thought a Warframe with a Necramech theme would be suitable to complete the triangle of vehicles. Don't know what kind of radius to put here. Also first time making a warframe concept! It's very obvious I've done some poor balancing here, but I hope I won't get yelled at.

Name: Machina.
Gender: Male.
HP: 50 (100)
Shield: 350 (700)
Armor: 100
Energy: 150 (225)
Very fast!
Aura Polarity: Naramon.
Polarities: 1 Madurai, 2 Naramon.
Passive: Secondary weapons deal 10% more damage. Secondary weapons fire like a 360 turret if Machina is in a necramech.
Reasoning: Machina's a pilot warframe, he's supposed to be fighting with his Mech, but if there's need for silence, Machina can also survive on foot against traps or guards, but not an entire army. Machina also provides some support in terms of repairs or modifications.

Ability 1 - Champion. (50 for initial, 0 for teleport.)
Description: Machina sets down a beacon, and Machina's trusty Necramech drops onto the field, dealing damage. Using the ability again teleports Machina into the Necramech.
Effect: Throws a projectile which summons Champion from the sky, sort of like Vauban's Orbital Laser. Deals 300(500(800)) damage, slightly scaling with enemy level. Using again immediately mounts the player into Champion.

Ability 2 - Routine Maintenance. (25)
Description: Machina deploys drones to heal allies. The drones prioritize repairing the Champion over anything else.
Effect: Summons 3(4(5)) drones, scaling with +1 every 10% Power Strength, which heal 30(40(50)) HP per second for (6(8(10)) seconds, scaling with 1 second for 10% additional Duration. The Drones first focus on repairing the Champion if it's on the field, then healing the user, then allies if there's 2 or more drones healing the user.

Ability 3 - Weapon Modifications. (70)
Description: Machina enhances weapons of his allies, granting a damage boost as well as falloff reduction.
Effect: Increases damage by 10(15(20)%, scaled 1 to 1 by Power Strength for 5(10(15)) seconds. Duration increases that by 1 second for each 10 Duration.

Ability 4 - Mechmaster (150)
Description: Machina drastically increases performance of mechanical allies and vehicles outside of Warframes. Champion's abilities count a level higher.
Effect: Increases all stats of Sentinels, K Drives, Archwings and allied robotic entities (including summoned machine Specters) by 100(200((300))%. All abilities of Champion count as if they are a level higher, and if they're already level 3, they get upgraded to level 4. The first effect of Mechmaster is half as effective. These effects last for 20(25(30)) seconds. Power scales the stat increases by 5% per each power %. Duration increases the duration by 1 second for every 5%.

Name: Champion
Gender: Attack Necramech (yes)
HP: 1400 (2800)
Shield: 950 (1900)
Armor: 250
Energy: 200 (300)
REALLY slow.
Polarities; 3 Madurai.
Reasoning: Champion's essentially overcome everything that comes at you. This Necramech's got all that's needed to deal with swarms of enemies, both in defense and offense.

Ability 1 - Assault/Defensive Mode. (50)
Description: The Champion switches from offensive to defensive tools and vice versa.
Effect: Change the set of abilities. If switched to Defense, gain 80(100(120(140)))% damage resistance for 3(5(7(9))) seconds. If switched to Attack, gain 80(100(120(140)))% Damage buff for 3(5(7(9))) seconds.
Ability 2 - Alpha Strike/Aegis Protocol (20-100)
Description: The Champion charges and either fires everything in one burst or prepares to defend.
Effect: Fires 2 large lasers (Damage: 600(900(1200(1600)))) when tapped, not scaling with enemy level. When held down, charges one attack from 3 and 4 Assault as well in the direction of the crosshair, and grants enemy level scaling. In Defense Mode, when tapped, grants 30% damage resistance. When held down, creates a 2000(3000(4000(5000))) HP shield (like Volt) which scales with enemy level as well as triggering all other defensive abilities at half the effect without a cost.

Ability 3 - Sweeping Lasers/Shield Recharge (75)
Description: The Champion either fires a pair of sweeping lasers 4 times or overcharges Shields.
Effect: Fires 500(750(1000(1250))) damage lasers, scaling with enemy level. In Defense Mode, grants Overshields equal to 20(30(40(50)))% of your max shields.

Ability 4 - Artillery Rain/Guardian Mech (10 per sec/170)
Description: The Champion either rains artillery projectiless or takes all damage taken by allies onto itself.
Effect: Hold down the ability to make it rain high-damage artillery projectiles for as long as you hold it down. Damage: 2500(3000(3500(4000))) per shot, scaling with enemy level at half efficency. If in Defensive mode, all damage dealt to allies is dealt to Champion instead, ignoring Damage Resistance.

The Exalted Gun is the Shellbreaker - an autocannon which deals medium singleshot Pierce damage with a pretty high Blast AoE and firerate. It has 200 ammo which recharges at a rate of 10 per second.

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