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Severe melee bugs, more videos.


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Condition Overload still does not affect thrown glaives:

Dash attacks still teleport the Warframe to unexpected locations:

Combo mods on glaives are still completely busted:

Condition Overload is self explanatory, could you please make the mod work after years of it being bugged?

The dash bug has been in the game for nearly 2 years as well, I think now, with the upcoming melee nerfs, would be a great time to finally fix it. It is caused by aiming the gun during sprinting - aiming is required for the dash combo outside of melee only mode.

The last video shows Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds, and the Gladiator set bonus being bugged - at the beginning, the counter on the buff is too high (supposed to be combo-1), and there are many instances in this one mission where the buffs disappear despite a 12x combo counter. A heavy attack (in this case with 90% efficiency) will reset them to the correct value.

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Might as well post this while I'm at it: Repeatedly throwing a glaive is also bugged:

In the video I try to repeatedly throw the glaive as fast as possible, but the glaive frequently gets stuck in hand despite me holding the attack button down, upon which I release the button and try again - which you can see from the delay.

The suspected cause is the existence of 2 seperate re-throw mechanics: A. Holding the button, and B. Tapping the button (which I demonstrate at the end of the video).

If you use A and accidentally get the timing right for B (except you are holding the button, not tapping), the glaive gets stuck in hand. At least that is what it looks like to me.

Edit: Using less heavy attack charge speed, I found it reasonably doable to release the attack button in time to re-throw the glaive regardless of this issue. This further indicates that my assumtion is correct; With specific timing, the glaive will not re-throw from holding the button, but instead start a very short charge that requires one to release the button before it finishes.

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