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Kothal | sacrifice/death/blood | (Added all stats to skills)


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Name : Kothal

Gender : Male

Description : Insane and brutal, he considers anything that moves as his subject, and does not hesitate to sacrifice it to "please the gods".


Hp : 250

Shields : 50

Armor : 450

Energy : 0

Speed : 1.00

Passive : When you are affected by the slashed status, it regenerates your HP and lasts twice as long, and all the while, each of your attacks has a 50% chance of applying slashed status.

When you kill enemies affected by the slash status, you generate sacrificial charge parts. Each sacrificial charge is made up of 5 parts. Sacrificial charges are necessary for some of your abilities, and passively increase your combat skills.


Max sacrifical charges : 100


+1.5% damage/charge

+10% damage reduction/20 charges

+15% status duration/10 charges

-15% status strenght on yourself/20 charges

Ability 1

Tap : Cut off your hand with a sacrificial dagger, losing some blood, and activating the slash status on you. The sight of blood will get you excited, increasing movement and attack speed, and giving you the ability to generate extra sacrificial charge shards every second that slash status is active on you.


Cost : 5% max hp

Duration : as long as slash status is active on you

Buffs : +15% attack speed and 30% movement speed

10% chance to generate a sacrifical charge shard/s

Hold : Drive a sacrificial dagger into your chest, losing a large amount of life that you will not be able to regenerate until you reactivate the ability by drawing the dagger. In compensation for the lost life, you will gain a powerful bonus to movement speed, attack speed, damage dealt, recovery speed from takedown and the chance to generate fragments of extra sacrificial charge.


Hp reduction : 35%

Buffs : + 45% attack speed | + 60% movement speed | + 225% damage | + 60& recovery speed from takedown

15% chance to generate a sacrifical charge shard/s

Ability 2

 Erect a sacrificial totem that will have an aura around it, where it will weaken enemies and give some skill enhancements to each ally. Multiple totems can be erected on the same point, to raise the totem more and more, improving the area of effect and duration. When the totem ends its duration, but you are within the totem's range of effect, the totem will automatically take part of your maximum HP to recharge its duration (the amount depends on the maximum duration). Dying from this effect will allow you to be reborn with a blood totem blessing.


Cost : 3 sacrifical charges

1 totem =lv1 | 2 totems = lv2 | 3 totems = lv3 | 4 totems = lv4 | Max lv = 4

Duration : 20 seconds (+5/totem level)

Radius : 25 meters (+5/totem level)

Debuffs for enemyes : -35% fire rate/attack speed | - 20% armor reduction | + 40% damage vulnerability | + 100% status duration | + 50% status strenght (all + 10%/totem level)

Buffs for lly : +20% max armor | + 25% life steal from DoT effects | +50% probability to proc slash status when you proc a status | 50% resistance to all statuses (all +20%/totem level)

Health for duration refresh : 1s duration = 15 hp (can be reduced with efficiency)

Blood totem blessing : At the next duration refresh, the blessing will be consumed, you will not lose HP but any enemy within the totem's aura range that has less than 65% of maximum HP will die. Enemies that have more than 65% of their maximum HP will receive 100% of their maximum HP as slash damage.

Ability 3

Tap : Convert your sacrificial charges into sacrificial daggers that will automatically fly towards enemies, damaging them and slowly bleeding them to death for an unlimited time. The blood of the victims will fill the Chalice of Blood. Daggers will never hit the same enemy twice.


Cost : 10 sacrificial charges

Daggers : 5

Damage : 200 (100% slash | 100% status chance)

Slash status duration caused from this ability : unlimited

Hold : Drink from the Goblet of Blood, regenerating a large amount of HP and overloading your maximum HP by up to 350%. The Chalice of Blood is connected to the enemies from which it draws blood, and drinking from it means inflicting damage equal to the amount of blood contained in the Chalice.


The damage over time dealt by the daggers of skill 3, will be accumulated in the Goblet of Blood.

Healing : 100% of blood contained in the Calice

Ability 4

He offered the lives of some nearby enemies as a sacrifice, to attract the attention of the gods of blood and sacrifice, who will be willing to give you their blessings if the spectacle they watch is to their liking. Kill as much as possible to please the sacrifice deity, and bleed as many enemies as possible to please the blood deity, but watch out, if the deities don't see enough death and blood, you'll pay dearly.


Cost : 50 sacrifical charges

When activated, any enemy within 15 meters is killed.

To attract the attention of the gods, by activating the ability you must kill at least 7 enemies. If you fail, the ability will receive a non-reducible 30 second cooldown.

Ability duration : 7 seconds/enemy killed with activation

To please the god of sacrifice, kill the enemies.

To please the blood divinity, apply as many stacks of slash status to as many enemies as possible.

For each kill, by satisfying the divinity of sacrifices, you get a bonus of 5% damage accumulated indefinitely.

For each stack of slashing effects please the divinity of blood and you gain + 0.5% chance to apply slash status on enemies.

If you fail to kill an enemy for at least two seconds, the sacrifice deity will be displeased, and the damage bonus will decay at 15% / s. When it reaches 0, a death counter will go up, and if it reaches 100 (growth rate 3 / s), you will definitely die. The death counter is reduced by 0.5 for each enemy killed.

If no enemy has the slashed status applied, the blood divinity will be displeased, and you will lose the bonus gained at the speed of 2.5% / s. When it reaches 0, you will start taking damage over time, which will increase by 10 for every second, and will be dealt directly to life, ignoring the armor. The damage will stop when at least 3 enemies have the slash status activated.

When the skill ends its duration, you can activate it again with a reduced cost of 66%, but the bonuses acquired will be halved.

If you decide not to activate the ability again, the bonuses acquired will remain for 100% of the ability's duration, but you will not be able to reactivate the ability as long as you still have the bonuses active.


Thanks for wasting your time reading.

This warframe is an experiment, and under development, so statistics and precise details are absent, but comments with suggestions are welcome.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D


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I listen to a lot of black metal, specifically the suicidal and satanic/pagan kinds and this absolutely tickles my fancy.
I just dont see it ever being in warframe LOL.



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20 hours ago, Zhoyzu said:

I just dont see it ever being in warframe LOL.

In my opinion it is doable, but you would have to work a lot more graphically / soundly more than anything else, and with the right effects, many warframes could become so much more brutal than they are.

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