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Toroid farming issues


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As if farming this thing was not tiresome enough, there are some annoying behaviours making the process even more slow and frustrating.

1 - Spawn in Enrichment Labs and Temple of Profit is inconsistente. I run around 5 sessions today, solo and in group, in all of them, no matter how many beacons or the reinforcements level, the spawn of enemies simply stop after some time, always. You need you to go inside/outside to force new spawns, forcing you to wait for another new beacon reach max level to see all spawns vanish after some waves and restart all again in the inside/outside of the area. Spaceport seems to be spawning enemies endlessly without issues visible;

2 - If there's a host migration OR you leave your squad to keep farming, any new beacon placed automatically blow up. You can't rise the level of the reinforcements anymore. Switching areas, inside/outside or going to one of the other farm areas do not solve the issue, only entering fortuna and restarting the Vallis anew.

3 - For some reason I lost all my loot after I died in a session. My squamate was able to extract, but I got a message of Mission Failed after respawning inside the elevator to fortuna, loosing nearly 60 vega toroid and a ton of other resources I collected in the session. The wikia says that if you die, but your squad extract, you keep all the resources you collected in the session.

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