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clan size confusion



Hi all am working on my ghost clan. I built about ten rooms as addons recently, Menu says "78/128 Rooms". If I upgrade to storm clam do I get to add more rooms??? I saw a clan in the navigation map here you can visit. The clan has about 8 or more opens spaces. I have only one and  and every door I try says insufficient space. I need couple large spaces and hall to finish dojo the way I want. How too???? Any info appreciated.

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16 minutes ago, o1517 said:

Hi all. The wiki is sparse on details, YouTube videos rather vague. Any way to acquire more rooms??? Any info thks.

Build clan halls.


Check the tiny arrow next to Capacity 100, this room will add 100 capacity.


Edit: Nevermind, I haven't noticed the rooms XX/128 in the menu before, I'm not upgrading from a ghost clan so I can't help here.

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Acording  to wiki there is a limit. Doesnt feel like it as some dojos I have been are huge!.



Dojo Room Limitations

The Dojo only supports up to 128 rooms. Once the limit of 128 rooms is reached, all expansion doorways that are unused will display the words "Dead End" and prevent the clan from expanding the Dojo further. Rooms may still be removed to back away from this limit and permit expansion. "

Sadly gonna have to destroy half upper level and reconstruct layout.

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To start, if you're planning on having no more than 10 clan members, then it is best to not upgrade from a ghost clan; otherwise, you will need more resources and credits to construct and research everything in your dojo. If you delete any of the barracks it will not downgrade the clan and it will remain at the highest tier barrack that you added.

The reason why you are receiving the insufficient space message is that you need to have enough space around the room(s) you're trying to add. Sometimes it isn't only on the level that you're currently on, but it could be the level below and/or above that has a room blocking what you're trying to add. For example, Open Space cannot have anything on the level below in the same area.

Rough top view diagram of open space on one level with a reactor attempting to be placed on the level directly underneath, which you cannot do due to the required space for Open Space. Please note, this is just for illustration purposes and does not reflect the actual dimensions of each room in correlation to each other.

| -----------------                      |

| |     REACTOR   |    OPEN        |

| -----------------    SPACE        |


Hope this helps to clear things up for you.

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