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Alternative idea of the new water warframe

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Teenage whaler warframe

Ability one :shark K Drive, any enemy caught in the way of the K drive takes bleeding damage and also knocked back


Ability two: shark attack with sharks jumping up out of the ground to attack the enemy. Range increases how many sharks attack, dealing bleeding damage


Ability three :whirlpool sucks enemies in and has shark fins inside the animation of the whirlpool. Enemies inside the whirlpool will take slash damage and after 4 seconds, the whirlpool will launch enemies in random directions and will stun them leaving them open the to execution 

Ability four :space whale shark, oh whale shark falls from the sky and lands on the enemies doing massive damage. After landing, the whale shark explodes dealing blast damage 


Passive ability: upon taking damage has a 3% chance to automatically activate the fourth ability without energy cost. All weapons do extra piercing damage


Primary weapon: Harpoon gun. Crit weapon heavy puncture. With punch through.Primary fire fires harpoons that will pin enemies. Secondary fire will harpoon an enemy and pull them towards you, if multiple enemies are near pulls all enemies in a 3 m radius towards you


Melee weapon  hooked staff

medium crit and status weapon. Passive effect

In the hands of this warframe heavy attacks will summon mini whirlpools that move out from the warframe and suck in enemies in a 3 meter radius and after four seconds will burst launching enemies into the air. Dealing slash damage built up on the weapon


This was literally made us a joke, we came up with this on the fly while talking about the new war frame. Don’t take this serious but if you do like it let’s make sure the developer see it and we might get a fix here. Because who doesn’t wanna see a flying whale shark land on a bunch of Grenier. If you have ideas or anything. Art concepts. Any extra ideas. Please give reactions. Please upvote and add your idea to improve or even give this warframe its design.

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