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Problema con los Drops de Twitch

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Buenas, como va? Como puse en el titulo, tengo un problema con mi Twitch Drop de Warframe. En las notificaciones de la App de Twitch figura que me han dado los ultimos Drops (Gara Noogle y Syndicate Sculpture fueron los ultimos 2 drops entregadosen los Streams que he podido ver en el canal de Warframe International) pero no me figuran en la bandeja de entrada de el Juego, ya he revisado las vinculaciones de las cuentas de Twitch a mi cuenta de Warframe y me figura que las cuentas ya estan vinculadas correctamente. Los Drops anteriores pude recibirlos normalmente.

Tengo pensado ver el directo completo de Tennocon y los mas seguro es que den drops al igual que lo hicieron el año pasado pero tengo miedo de no poder recibirlos por este problema.

A alguien mas le esta pasando o le ha pasado esto en este ultimo tiempo y pudo solucionarlo? Le agradeceria mucho que 

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8 minutes ago, NkoBolson said:

Hi, how's it going? As I put in the title, I have a problem with my Warframe Twitch Drop. In the notifications of the Twitch App it appears that they have given me the last Drops (Gara Noogle and Syndicate Sculpture were the last 2 drops delivered in the Streams that I have been able to see in the Warframe International channel) but they do not appear in the inbox From the Game, I have already checked the links from the Twitch accounts to my Warframe account and I figure that the accounts are already linked correctly. The previous Drops I could receive them normally.

I plan to see the complete direct of Tennocon and the safest is that they give drops like they did last year but I am afraid of not being able to receive them because of this problem.

Is it happening to someone else or has this happened in the last time and could you solve it? I would appreciate very much that 

Try unlinking and then relinking your Twitch account with your Warframe account, sometimes that helps. You could also make a support ticket to see if they can help you troubleshoot the problem if that doesn't work. 

However, all we can do on the forums is give you advice. We cannot do anything to assist you with the issue directly. 

Also, I would not worry too much about Tennocon drops. When many people did not properly receive tennocon drops through Twitch last year as promised, DE gave through the game directly instead to make everyone happy and so some people even got duplicates for free. 

Sorry if I missed any context I used google translate to read your post. 

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