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Combo Duration and naramon school



So, i have a reaper prime mod that reduces my combo duration from 5 seconds to 0.5 second. Is the power spike talent from the naramon tree going to ignore it ? Or i should just put a mod like Drifting Contact ( i try to avoid that) ?

Thanks in advance!

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I dont care what that riven does.   Rip it out and put in Organ Shatter and change vicious frost to a normal 90% cold.   You dont need help getting status to 100% if your using weeping wounds.   So your nerfing your damage for nothing.  

In my opinion Melee rivens are only good if  CD can beat 60%+,  Speed can beat 40-75%,  Reach is +3.   Any of those + anything else and its worthy of replacing a normal mod.   If you can get 2 of those things on one riven you just opened up your loadout....  

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