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Combo Killer (dual wielding Pistol and Glaive) Needs Work


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I just got Combo Killer from Baro on PS4 today

and I have to say, this mod is really Not Useful.


if you're using a glaive the right way, you're constantly throwing and manually detonating it

and thus gaining no combo counter anyway. At best you might be using corrupt charge to have an initial multiplier, but it'll constantly be getting drained


The only build Combo Killer might be usable for, is if you Never Detonate your glaive, and instead rely on the Volatile throw mods for auto-detonation. But doing this sucks because you give up too much - by never manual heavy attacking you can never use Life Strike, you no longer have the guaranteed status procs from manual detonation, etc, its not worth doing an auto-detonate build. and thus no point in bothering with Glaive Combo meters or Combo Killer.


How to make Combo Killer useful??

how about instead of Secondary kills resetting (preserving) the non-existant combo meter. you let Secondary hits Contribute to the combo meter.

Then you could have an actual dual wield synergy, plus an incentive to have a viable combo counter build for glaives.

goes like: Get a bunch of pistol kills, builds up combo counter, once a big multiplier is up, Then throw and spend it on the glaive manual detonation for an extra big boom.

That would be great for dual-wield. gives a reason to swap back and fourth between pistol and glaive throw.

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