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Suggestion for next kuva weapons (Added more possible weapons)


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Kuva Sobek

Description : Weapon of grineer origin improved by the Kuva Lich, it boasts an upgraded magazine, more pellets per shot and an improved rate of fire.


Magazine capacity 20->40

Multishot 5->7 (same damage/pellet)

Fire rate : 2.5->3.76


Kuva Buzlock

Description : The Kuva Buzlock has an optimized magazine for faster reloading, and more aerodynamic bullets that allow for a far greater flight speed. The tracer bullet is also better, now allowing you to see the tracked enemy through walls, and staying attached much longer.


Reload speed : 3s->1.7s

Projectile flight speed : 40m/s->85m/s

Tracer round duration : 20s->40s


Kuva twin rogga

Description : Now also adopted by the Kuva Lichs, and improved, they use special buckshot capable of traveling at a higher speed and piercing multiple enemies, inflicting critical damage with greater probability.


Fall-off : 10-20 -> 15-40

Punch trought : 0.>2.9

Critical chance : 10%.>23%


Kuva Jat Kusar

Description : A Kuva Lich modified Jat Kusar, the body was constructed of lighter materials, and the internal engine uses a fuel that burns with a higher temperature.


Damage 79 impact | 13 puncture | 45 slash | 81 fire -> 13 puncture | 45 slash | 160 fire 

Attack speed : 0.833->0.917

Range : 2m->2.4m


Kuva Ripkas

Description : The use of better materials has made it possible to lengthen the Kuva Ripkas without affecting their agility, and new methods of sharpening have increased the perforating and cutting capacity.


Damage : impact 8.65 | puncture17.3 | slash 147.05 -> 0 impact | 24.3 puncture | 153.65 slash

Range : 1.75 -> 1.95


Kuva Stug

Description : The Kuva stug is a heavily modified weapon, which fires a toxic corrosive mixture extremely harmful to any form of biological or robotic life, which attaches itself to any surface, corroding it for an extremely prolonged time. The corrosive mixture is fired in the form of small balls, and if multiple attack on an enemy, it will become impossible for it to move, due to the weight of the mixture. It is possible to issue an order through the weapon's alternate fire, which detonates the mixture causing great damage to anyone who has been hit by a ball.


Damage on impact : 4 corrovie -> 6 corrosive | 2 toxic

Magazine capacity : 20 -> 60

Explosion damage : 75 corrosive -> 125 corrosive | 25 toxin

The ball remains attached to the target, dealing 100% damage on impact every second, for 20 seconds, and stacks for each ball attached to the target.

If the same target is hit by at least 20 balls, it will be immobile for 20 seconds.


Kuva Flamkana

Description : The Kuva Flamkana is a weapon of Tenno origin, but heavily modified by grineer units. At the base is a common nikana, but it boasts a serrated blade, and a fuel servant that allows you to keep the blade on fire. Heavy attacks and slam attacks have a 100% chance to apply fire status to enemies hit.


Range : 2.5 meters

Attack speed : 0.917

Parry angle : 55°

Combo duration : 6 seconds

Critical chance : 21%

Critical damage : 2.2x

Status chance : 31%

Damage : 196 (100 slash | 10 puncture | 10 impact | 76 fire)

Heavy attack damage : 980


Kuva Punisher

Description : 4-barrel shotgun handcrafted by the Kuva Lichs, the Kuva Punisher is a guarantee both when dealing with single enemies and armies. The 4 barrels can fire single cartridges automatically, guaranteeing sustained fire for an excellent dps, or they can semi-automatically fire 4 cartridges at the same time, with unparalleled stopping power.


Precision : 9.8 (7.9 for semi-auto)

Magazine capacity : 40

Max ammo : 280

Reload speed : 2.8 seconda

Trigger Automatic / semi-automatic

Fire rate : 6.57 (1.28 semi-automatic)

Multishot : 13 (x4 for semi-automatic)

Critical chance : 24

Critical damage : 2.4x

Status chance : 6.67%

Damage (Total) : 390 (39/pellet | 17 slash | 13 puncture | 9 impact | total damage x4 for semi-automatic)

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