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Chroma needs a rework


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Chroma was really good before recent updates, especially before self-damage removal, but now he's outdated and the roles he would play in the past are filled by other warframes, he's basically a niche frame. In the past, he was good at Eidolon hunting, but now you just can't use him if you're going for a meta squad as his Vex armor Fury buff takes too long to build up, we can't forget that his tanking abilities are no longer good, especially when you're talking about Steel Path. Really, the only use for him right now is to clear the starchart, fight the Profit Taker and play casual 1x3. So now, I am giving suggestions to make him good again and hopefully DE will see this.


For his passive, I don't see any problems on it. The plus mobility is nice, the parkour on Gas City that is so hard for other frames is a walk in the park for Chroma.

1st Ability: Spectral Scream

This ability is quite nice to use on low level enemies (1-50), but when you're doing sorties or you're on the Steel Path, it's just unusable. Yes, the chain effect that was implemented greatly increases its power, but it's just not enough. So here are the suggestions: Now, scaling with power strength, this ability will strip armor, not depending on element; varying with enemy quantity, this ability will increase it's power with a damage multiplier (unscalable), this will make a great synergy with Vauban's Vortex, Nidus' Larva or other grouping abilities.

2nd Ability: Elemental Ward

Now, this is where the fun begins. This ability is one of the best in terms of utility and tankiness; the fact that it's a Helminth ability, makes it even more amazing, especially when you apply it to Hildryn, Inaros and Nidus. But the the problem here is with Chroma, the main problem is that EHP turns into trash if you don't have a healing ability, like Devour. My main suggestion for this ability is that Heat will now restore your health or life steal (based on weapon's damage ofc), scaling with power strength. If you watch Grind Hard Squad, you probably saw that his Chroma would only work with Arcane Grace (he was still soft), but things changed when Gloom came out as a Helminth ability, the main focus for the Chroma build was the life steal as there's a great synergy with his Vex armor, because of it's damage increase. Other buffs would be: shield restoration with electricity and more shields (since they're useless) and fire rate with toxin.

3rd Ability: Vex Armor

Ok, this ability is the other one that make Chroma shine. It's amazing when when it comes to take down big tanky enemies and other little ones. But here's the bad part, as I said before, This ability takes way too long to build. The main solutions i could think of were: making the buff instant, swap Fury for shields and Scorn for health (I especially don't like this one) and, my favorite, adding a Signature secondary weapon, this might sound weird, but let me explain. For each shot to an enemy, this ability will take 10 health out of you, you need 100 health lost for max fury, hence you will need to shoot 10 times.

ATTENTION: This MUST work on invincible enemies like the Eidolons when shields are up, otherwise this weapon is strait-up trash as this rework for Vex armor is focused on Eidolon hunt.

4th Ability: Effigy

This ability is the main reason why people use Chroma for Profit Taker fight, the other is Elemental Ward and Vex Armor, but outside of that single fight, it is completely garbage . Here's the suggestion I've come up with: Now, Effigy will become a "guardian", just like Stardust Guardian from Terraria (google it). Depending on Chroma's current element, this ability will make enemies have a 10%/15% chance to drop a health orb (unscalable) for heat element; increase shield restoration for each enemy killed (with a cap); nothing for cold (unless you think of something) for cold, as it would be a little too op to have even more armor increase and, finally, enemies' guns have a chance to stop working, ammo efficiency and/or +fire rate for toxin, (bonus credit will apply to all of them). I personally think it would fit well for effigies theme (check trivia section on Chroma's article on wiki). One more thing, i decided to give them all a fixed range of 10m, as Chroma need on most of the builds high duration, high strength, low range and efficiency, with an exception being toxin, with a fixed range of 20m.


So yeah, give more suggestions on the comments, I hope DE will see this post, like it if you want these changes too (no beg), I'll be upset if I wrote this in vain. And for fashion's sake make Chroma change his emissive and energy colors as you change your elements mid-mission, I'm fund of seeing orange ice. :D

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Oh, I forgot to talk about augment since his are trash but i could save that for another post. Though, I think the rework on his 4 i said earlier could work as an augment like, no augment gives a stationary effigy and with augment gives a following effigy.

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Personally I am not too crazy about Chroma's passive, but we are talking about a frame that for the longest time pretended to have a passive, so I won't complain. As for his Spectral Scream - I am still convinced that this ability needs to be completely reworked. The fact that it tries to compete with primaries and secondaries is the biggest offender. Here's why:

1) Uses energy instead of ammo. As you pointed out, most Chroma builds go for little efficiency, and Chroma needs to be sure he has enough energy to extend Vex Armor to not loose the buff.

2) It's a channeling ability. This severely limits your ability to restore energy, but also makes the ability very inconvenient to use (especially since now there is the element rotation mechanic connected to it - hold the button to activate, than hold the button again to deactivate).

3) Guns can be modded; Spectral Scream can't. You don't even get any proper scaling on it. 

4) Guns benefit from Vex Armor; Spectral Scream doesn't. It was never a proper damage ability for anyhting higher than the level ranges you mentioned, but actively disconnecting this ability from VA just feels like an insult... For crying out loud , can't we at least get some status chance scaling from it or something for his 1?

I will always say that spectral Scream needs to become an instant cast burst of damage and status. The fact that they moved the ability more towards doing status, rather than damage is a good idea, but execution needs a bit more work.

As fo the other abilities, I like your suggestions well enough. Regarding effigy, I think it would be more interesting, if the additional effects would be triggered by Chroma using the different aspects of Elemental Ward,as I am always in favor of getting the lizzard boi more ability synergy, but that may just be me. And finally, regarding your suggestion for Vex Armor - the weapon you are talking about already exists... but it's a primary - Hema. I guess that doesn't exactly satisfy you though since you mentioned that you have eidolons in mind with this.


If you are in any for interested in my idea of a Chroma rework, I'm linking my old post about it. One warning - this was posted around the time Heart of Deimos update was released, so Chroma didn't have his current passive yet, or the element switching. Oh, and I was more focused on making Chroma more fun to play, as opposed to making him specifically excell in any specific role.



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Hello guys, i would like to give my ideas to a chroma rework abilities that i hope DE will see and may take some ideas from it or even change few things to fit their convinience......So lets begin and please read until the very end !!!

                              Passive :

Chroma could keep the fact that he has a second double jump. (it might be great with the use of a sniper or the strongest bows) but he could also have the ability that no other warframe will have and it is to be able to have self-damage on its own because now no one use chroma because of the fact that we can't get a high porcentage with vex armor without it.

                            1st Ability :

The same old spectral scream we have always know with of course the ability of choosing a element between fire, ice, electricity, and poison but it has way more punch (so we keep the 100% statut) And it has a synergy with the 2nd ability that i will explain soon.

                           2nd Ability :

Same old elemental ward with the effects that are provided by the elements ( fire give more health, ice give more armor, electricity give more shields, and poison has a chance of dealing poisoning to ennemies ) BUT lets talk about the synergy i've imagined !!! So my idea is based on the fact that  we can have now a fire breath but having at the same time a ice shield, correct ? So why not fuse the two differents elements. Let me explain, if at some point in a mission you need more armor then you can change the element to ice, cast the ice armor and then change the element to fire and so combine the elements and making a more powerful breath that deal explosive damage (blast) and there is 6 combination in total and if you had the same element in both abilities it just make the elemental breath even more powerful and thank to my idea chroma will be able to deal with every kind of foe and to use that combined element ability you only need to press one more time the 1st ability button after chose the elements like a normal spectral scream cast.

So let me explain my vision of this synergy and all combined elements of what it should looks like but of course they keep their advantage like Corrosive still strip ennemies armor by 25% or even more if we use vex armor and etc... :

Heat + Cold : Blast -> Release multiple fire stream that froze anything it touch and then the crystals explode after few seconds.

Electricity + toxin : Corrosive -> Release acid puddle on the path of Chroma where it aimed.

Heat + Toxin : Gas -> Release and spread clouds of gas that have a high chance to poisons anyone who dare breathes them.

Cold + Electricity : Release some sort of sphere made with ElectroMagnetic Pulse the disrupt the ennemies shields.

Heat + Electricity : Radiation -> Release a nuclear beam like Wisp more or less but with less graphics details than wisp. 

Cold + Toxin : Viral -> Release spores in the air that goes randomly around chroma and infect any foes to close to him. 

                           3rd Ability :

Typicaly a huge buff to vex armor so it still gives an enormous damage stacks to his abilities, weapons and like elemental ward, he shares it with fellow tenno on his team but with something new.......We all know that chroma transforms the damage he recieve into energy that make him stronger but my guess is where does all that energy go after the time limit, did it simply vanish ??

So my idea is that chroma could store all the energy he would amass during that time period and when he reach the limit, he focus all of the porcentage he got into a energy orb (with the size of an hand) on the palm of his right hand and then break it by clench his fist, this will create an huge burst so to say a massive explosion that will do void + current element of spectral scream damage. Or it can be something other than that, DE will be the judge of the final decision ;) 

                            4th Ability : 

For the ultimate, i have thought that we could keep the name effigy but change the whole ability by making chroma turn himself into a dragon. This ability, even so will be really good at apparence could make all of his abilities have a great range  so we can share even more buffs to far allies on the map and because vex armor boost only the damages not the range.

 I know there will be size problems so i think that on this form, chroma should stand on his arms and legs like an horse and will be big enough to still passes doors but bigger than his human size. In apparence, his wings will always been active. His claws, horns, tails, arms , legs and his neck will grow and gets bigger and sharper during the time limit and because of the fact that he can't use his weapons but only his abilities, and his signature melee weapon will be his tail. And with the different skin chroma has, he could transform into different types of dragon, for exemple a chinese dragon like with the dinasty deluxe skin but i understand that it will take an huge effort from DE to make all those dragons forms.

I really hope that you guys enjoy reading my ideas on this topic, and if so, don't hesitate to take and share those ideas so DE could saw them and maybe (in my dreams) they will apply and add them to the game so we can all enjoy chroma, the elemental dragon frame, once again !!!

(Ps: if you want to take my idea and call them your own I don't mind at all, you can even upgrade them at will. All I wish is to see one day those new power be given to chroma, my favorite warframe. )

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