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Community Stream Schedule: June 7 - 11

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4 hours ago, badgerbotPrime said:

5 claims per week again, or one per day?


5 per week for a total of 250 pearls.  The new rifle skin is 490 pearls btw.

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Hi guys, 

I came here because of an issue. 

I do have my account linked to twitch, I have earned multiple drops in the past.

I wasn't aware of the new drop system where you have to claim it in twitch, and I only learned about it two hours after stream.

I couldn't find my drop reward (i had watched for 56 minutes)

So far I unlinked and relinked my account to no avail ... am I missing something ? are the rewards removed after the stream ?

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On 2021-06-04 at 8:44 PM, smashedwookie said:

For those that did not watch last night home time Reb said that you'll be able to buy the event duration limited Tube, like what was discussed during the dev stream on monday.



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lol love how DE keep out doing themselves with these rewards, please just don't give anything if its going to be this bad. 

50 pearls? 1 game can get you 90+.

what's next 50 credits :P 

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Not in the topic but.....

It would be really lovely if the dog days rifle skin applies to every rifle not just assault rifle. The theme fits ignis so much but we cant use it.

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