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Was Running Neo O1 intact 2b2 and this stuff kept happening


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2 hours ago, _SignaledByMisery.TTV_ said:

anyways one reward from the Neo Fissure was Kuva one time, and there were 2 Glaive Prime Blueprints

When mission start, open ESC menu to check which relic is equipped on each players. Did some players have requiem or something different equipped?

I believe the the reward wasn't hacked, but most likely a bug that allows requiem relic or any relic to be equipped in any fissure mission. This will still use up whatever relic it was equipped.

Probably a bug in the game that can allow different relic to be equipped.

1. On a planet with fissure node, open the mission node list. 
2. Go to list of fissures, and select the same one as the mission node list.
3. Exit relic menu.
4. Go to list of fissures, and select a different fissure mission.
5. Equip a relic. 5 second countdown starts.
6. Quickly select fissure on a mission node list.
7. Equip a relic.

With 2 or more player in squad:
1. On a planet with fissure node, open the mission node list.
2. Wait for other player to put up a mission vote. Don't vote yes, yet.
3. On the mission node list, select fissure.
4. Equip a relic.


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