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Name : Shizen

Gender : Neutral

Description : Found solitary, to protect some times of an ancient cult unknown on planet Earth, Shizen seems to have mastered the use of all 4 elements of nature, and is able to use them at will in a destructive or constructive way.


Hp : 200 (Rank 30 : 600)

Shields : 100 (Rank 30 : 300)

Energy : 150 8rank 30 : 300)

Armor : 400

Speed : 1.00

Passive : For each status effect active on you, deal 100% more damage.

Ability 1 Fire and Water

Tap : Releases a sudden eruption of fire that spreads in a cone in front of you, blasting enemies with a fast and unstoppable wall of fire that will burn them and rock their armor without anything stopping it.


Cost : 25

Range : 16 meters

Angle of dispersion : 45°

Damage : 850 (100% fire | 100% status chance)

Armor reduction : 20%

Hold : Create a bubble of water in front of you, which will remain stationary for a few seconds, absorbing all kinds of bullets. At the end of the duration, you will launch the water bubble which will explode when its core comes into contact with a solid surface. The water bubble will enlarge as the bullets absorb. When traveling, the bubble will absorb and carry enemies with it. The damage of the blast depends on the projectiles and the number of enemies absorbed.


Cost : 25

Stationary duration : 4.5 seconds

Initial radius : 0.75 meters (increase with each bullet absorbed by 0.05m/bullet, and each enemy bu 0.25m/enemy | radius can grow up to 300% radius)

Core radius : 0.25 meters

Bubble flight speed : 5m/s

Explosion damage : 1.000 (+50%/enemy inside the bubble + 100% of damage absorbed from the bullets)


Synergy : Hitting the water bubble with the fire eruption heats the water and allows you to inflict damage over time to the enemies inside the bubble.

DPS : 325 (100% fire | 0% status chance)

Ability 2 Rock and Air

Tap : Create spikes of rock that violently emerge from underground, dealing severe damage to enemies hit, and toss them into the air. The spikes will remain for several seconds, acting as a physical barrier.


Cost : 25

Range : 20 meters

Width : 4 meters

Damage : 1.250 (100% puncture)

Spikes duration : 10 seconds

Hold : Creates a powerful tornado that travels in a linear trajectory in the direction it was launched. The tornado drags enemies with it and absorbs the bullets.


Cost : 25

Duration : 7 seconds

travel speed : 7m/s

Enemy drag radius : 7 meters

Bullet drag radius : 21 meters


Synergy : When the tornado passes over the spikes of rock, it shatters them, and the pieces of rock will hit enemies captured by the tornado, inflicting continuous damage. The more rock spikes are destroyed, the more damage will be dealt to enemies.

Dps : 125 +100%/spike destroyed (50% slash | 50% puncture)

Ability 3 Elemental state

Tap : Switch between elements .

Hold : Change the state of your warframe to the selected one, with bonuses and penalties depending on the selected element.

Fire : In the fire state, you reduce all damage taken, and possess an aura of heat around you that damages all enemies over time. When an enemy melee attacks you, or you collide with an enemy, you deal heavy Fire damage. Collisions between the warframe and enemies are disabled when you are in the fire state.


Cost : 50

Duration : 20 seconds

Damage reduction : 37% (increase up to 63%)

Aura damage : 150/s (100% fire | 50% status chance)

Aura radius : 15 meters

Collision damage : 1.500 (100% fire)

Debuff : Shield regeneration rate is halved

Water : In the water state, you greatly reduce bullet damage, and the power of any status effect is greatly reduced, even if their duration is increased. Collisions between the warframe and enemies are deactivated in this state, and passing through an enemy knocks them down for a few seconds. When you pass through an ally, you absorb any kind of negative status active on them.


Cost : 50

Duration : 20 seconds

Bullet damage reduction : 75% (can be increased up to 99%)

Status effect strenght reduction : 75%

Knock down duration : 3 seconds

Debuffs : no damage reduction for melee attacks | status duration on yourself + 125%

Rock : In the rock state, your skin is very thick, allowing you to absorb huge amounts of damage without any problems. Your weight makes you totally immune to any kind of knockdown or stagger, and the recoil of each weapon is greatly reduced, but your agility is limited.


Cost : 50

Duration : 20 seconds

All shields are converted to HP with a 200% bonus.

Armor bonus : 1.000

Damage reduction : 75% (cannot be increased/decreased)

Recoil reduction : 50%

Debuffs : -35% movement speed, jump height, wall leech time

Air : In the state of air, you are the embodiment of agility and mobility. You can glide, stick to walls much longer, gravity has little effect, you can jump multiple times and higher, and you can dodge bullets, but you are much more vulnerable to damage.


Cost : 50

Duration : 20 seconds

Gravity effect reduction : 50%

Max jumps : + 2

Jump height : + 100%

Movement speed : + 35%

Glide and wall leech time : + 200%

Dodge chance : 50%

Debuff : -50% to max health, shields and armor


Synergy (fire and water) : When you are in the fire state, and you activate the water state (or vice versa), you will return to your normal state, and you will generate a curtain of vapor that will prevent enemies from firing when they are inside, and make any allies invisible.


Vapor curtain radius : 20 meters

Duration : 15 seconds

Synergy (Rock and air) : When you are in the rock state, and you activate the air state (or vice versa), you will return to your normal state, and a large amount of sharp and pointed splinters of solid rock will be shot at enemies, dealing severe damage, and affecting the structural integrity of their shields and armor.


Explosion radius : 25 meters

Damage : 2.000 (50% slash | 50% puncture)

Armor and maximum shield capacity reduction : 40%


Ability 4 Oasis

Convert your energy and blood into a seed of life, which over time will create a small oasis of life that will grow over time. Any allies within the oasis will be healed and strengthened, while the enemies within the oasis will involuntarily donate their blood for the oasis to progress and grow.


Cost : 100 energy + 200 health

Oasis expansion time : 5 seconds

Expansion speed : 4m/s

Each time an enemy is killed on the oasis, the range expands by 1 meter to a maximum bonus of 35 meters.

Radius decay speed : 1.5m/s (decay start after 2 seconds without any expansion)

Oasis healing : 20hp/s + 5%max hp/s

Oasis buffs : 20% ability strenght, radius, efficiency and duration | +100 energy reserve

Pros and cons of this warframe


The first and second skills are actually double, while the 3rd is a quadruple skill, which leads him to have a real skill total of 9 and not 4.

The variety of skills allows him great versatility and utility.

Synergies between skills can result in comfortable and powerful add-on effects if used well.

The stats of life, shields and armor allow him a decent stamina, and the passive gives an innate damage buff in some situations.


The wide variety of abilities makes it difficult to use the warframe to the best of its abilities.

Although the maximum energy at lv30 is 300, that at lv0 is 150, and this can result in possible energy problems in case of skill spam.

The different synergies may be difficult to remember.

While the 4th ability has a very high possible maximum range, you have to kill enemies within the ability's range to reach that range, and you have to keep killing to maintain the ability's maximum range, and at higher levels it could be problematic.


Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D

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