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So as far as Companions go, it seems that the Sentinels are the pinnacle.  If you mod them correctly they can be insanely good in Steel Path.  From what I can tell this stems from the fact that sentinels have their offensive/Weapon mods separate from their Defensive/survivability mods, where as Kavats and kubrows you have to pick and chose what to put into a single mod setup and have a more limited selection.

So my thought was, these are genetically engineered/modified so why not have claw or teeth treatments/augments/implants to bring them on par with sentinels?  They would end up using melee mods vs the ranged that sentinels use.  Good dynamic, Living vs Mechanical, Melee vs Ranged.


I would also like to see a more bulky Kavat kind of like a Tiger, either as a new variant or a skin that changes size and build even if it doesn't change any of the abilities or stats.  I have a Kubrow that's massive, she is as tall as my Warframe while on all fours, and she is bulky, my friends call her a bear and its fun, but due to how much more powerful sentinels are I don't get to use her much.

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