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Player amount and what capacity is in Relays shown... Thoughts??


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Just a thought... Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see how many players are in a relay and what capacity is?

After becoming MR 30, I've made it a daily ritual to do blessings in relays other than Strata and Maroo's where players generally most flock to... I like to coordinate with other MR 30's (goal being to provide all 6 blessings) and send out notifications either through Discord or in game chat to see how many players can be accumulated in relays such as Larunda, Kronia and Kuiper where only 1 relay is usually active.

Doing this, I've noticed recently an uptake with the relay becoming full. The downside, we (the MR 30's) never know when the relay reaches capacity... Twice now, players have joined, but have missed out on blessings due to being sent the next relay that opens since ours (Relay 1) fills up. It would be nice to be able to see a capacity amount as players join, to know when the relay reaches capacity. Currently the only way to know is if players tell us they can't join Relay 1 or were sent to Relay 2, but this doesn't always happen... Usually I'll just get a message that they didn't get the blessings.

If we saw the capacity, should we need to send other MR 30's to Relay 2 for blessings, we'll know in advance if we have to. Really hate players missing out. Just a thought, not sure if other MR 30's have run into this, or that it matters lol, but I still think it would be nice to see a capacity amount in relays.

Just thinking out loud lol and want to do things efficiently. Always open to suggestions as well. Thanks fellow Tenno! :)

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