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[PC][INT]Join Ravende! A growing community with many possibilities!


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Ravende United Alliance is recruiting! 

About us?

We are a fast growing gaming community, with our roots steaming from gmod in 2014. We currently have 2 clans under our name "Ravende" and "Ravende Academy". Established late 2020 in warframe.

Our aim is to have several specialized and generic purpose clans, that provide our members with true gaming community experience.

What do we have to offer?

  • 100% research, ignis wraith, dry dock anything you might need from a clan.
  • 400+ daily active users, friendly helpful, text chats and voice chats are always used and populated!
  • We have specialized clans: casual, new don't play too often? check out our "Ravende Academy", hard core, competitive? check out Ravende
  • International community, you will never feel alone we have players spread throughout each region!
  • Beautiful dojo made by great artists, if you like to trade in a great location we got just the right trading hall for you!

What do we want from you?

  • Discord is required, we aim to be community driven clan without discord it just doesn't work out. In here you are not just another number to fill up our ranks.
  • Mastery requirements, we are open to everyone! 
  • Don't be a stranger, we love people who say hi in clan chat!
  • We are open to everyone so be respectful.

Interested, not quite decided? Visit our discord! We will answer all your enquires.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/aNkcTrCkgn




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