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When using a PS4 controller on PC, binding quick melee to R1 doesn't let you open the fishing menu


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I originally played on the PS4 then switched to PC to play with friends. I hated the keyboard controls but then realized I could hook up the controller to Steam. (This is to clarify that I'm playing on PC not PS4.)


My issue is this. Quick melee is circle by default, which doesn't let you use the joystick when mashing melee, as I do normally. I rebound it to R1 which works fine normally. Except when I go fishing. I equip my spear, and in the bottom right it says "hold R1 for actions." If I do so, my Warframe instead quick melees and unequips the spear. This is annoying as I can't use bait and lures and stuff. I can rebind melee in the meantime but it's annoying.


(It worked fine on the PS4 as the button to open the fishing menu was the same one to open your default gear circle. When you had a spear equipped it'd overwrite the menu with the fishing menu. At least it used to, I haven't fished on the PS4 in years, it may have changed since then.)


Thank you for reading! I realize this probably isn't a high priority issue but if you have some spare time, fixing it would be greatly appreciated!

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