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Possible self damage bug resulting in suicide


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For several months I've been getting instantly killed on my Hildryn with 5355 shields and 390 hp. At first I thought it might have been toxin damage from an eximus unit or a bullet attractor like ability, but after this happened again today I decided to take a look at the log to check.
This is what was reported in the log:
1843.822 Game [Info]: BlackVortex was downed by 2,193 / 2,192 damage from a level 37 VORAC DISC MOA using a KuvaOgris

It seems that the damage from my KuvaOgris gets attributed to an enemy source and because of that it damages me.


Edit, another log from today:
5911.230 Game [Info]: BlackVortex was downed by 2,633 / 2,632 damage from a level 37 VORAC SHIELD OSPREY using a KuvaOgris

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I had a similar thing recently when I started using kuva ogris, at the start of a defense wave I shot it at some distant enemies and hit something nearby and downed myself (not staggered but downed, waiting for revive!), nothing else could've downed me as no enemies were near nor shooting at us yet.

Also I lost all gameplay function when I got revived by someone else, I could not move, cast, go operator, could do absolutely nothing (except chat and open esc menu). I tried /unstuck and it just moved me somewhere else (didn't expect that to do anything anyway), had to just be useless for the entire mission xD

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