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No “Sevagoth in Action” Glyph?



Am 19.4.2021 um 20:48 schrieb [DE]Danielle:

It was made! It will just be coming in a different way than an alert :) Stay tuned.

almost 2 months.
another month and you can print that glyph & throw it in a big dark hole somewhere in canada, got it?

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53 minutes ago, (XBOX)TyeGoo said:

Wtf? Kinda toxic but ok.

I'm happy it came with an alert instead of making it exclusive to something like twitch drops. If that meant it taking a while, I'm happy with that.

I think it was originally going to be available exclusively through the steel path store since they were putting the other “in action” glyphs there. But they realized that update is weeks out still so they threw it into a GOTL alert.

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