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Devstream 155: My thoughts


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Disclaimer: I will be very critical and nit-picking of what I saw and I will be talking about the things I care about. Also, words highlighted will be solutions or ideas I have. So, if you can`t handle my critique I suggest you avoid this post. (which is something I shouldn`t have to write but oh well)


Sisters Of Parvos

·       I like that you can use the granum coins to spawn a sister gives use a reason to use them.

·       Even through I like that we can get the mechs from the sisters, companions right now are not in a good state, DE need to improve companions before they make more of them. Also, they need to do a lot more than what the other companions do and need to be unique.

·       Since we have to do railjack to kill the sister, I hope they won`t be on long mission like defence or orphix venom, it should be quick mission like exterminate and spy coz I want to just kill the lich NOT DO A LONG MISSION BEFORE THAT. Also, they should be either be no enemies to kill in railjack or make the number of enemies to kill be around 10 -20 remember the point is to get to the lich NOT to do the mission.

·       They should have made dual welding cycrons instead of one, so disappointing.

·       Rebecca did a poor job at showing the weapons on a frame where you can`t see the gun properly due to the stance -_-


Ergo Offering weapons

·       I don`t like that I have to do railjack missions to get currency (even through the crew and the rank 10 intrinsic for gunners make railjack better) for this especially if they make it to where you can only get 1 at a time like the sentient currency you give to little duck.

·       Their needs to be another way of getting them, the cost must not be too expensive and you should be able to get them in a bulk, better yet make it be the granum coins, at least it will give them more of a use.


Rank 10 Command intrinsic

·       I personally don`t like this one bit, there are other ideas that could have been used. On top of that, we now have to discard the crew we have to get the elite crew with more stats and with a perk which is a waste of credits and resources, this is something that should have been release when the crew intrinsic came out the first time, they should at least give use the perks on the crew we already have got.

Here are some ideas I had:


·       The “on call” npc will be able to use abilities. Depending on what role the crew member has will determine the ability it has.


Engineer – Can place a decoy that distracts enemies and will send a radiation wave when destroyed with a 15m radius.


Gunner - Can levitate enemies in a cone that reaches 15m.


Defender – Can mark an enemy. Either you or the npc killing it will make it explode spreading vulnerability to enemies within a 15m radius.


Pilot – Can summon two drones for 30 seconds to deal 10,000 damage to enemies, if they are destroyed, they will leave a fire napalm which will last for 20 seconds.


·       You have the ability to call all 3 of your crew with you in missions.

-        The order of summoning will be determined by which one you select for on-call first.

-        Option – either hover the radical at the chosen npc to de-select them (or send back to the ship) or going near them will show the prompt option to de-select them.


·       Their needs to be a way to see the crew on your ship instead of going to the dry doc in your clan.


Kuva Lich weapons

·       I`m disappointed in the weapons DE chose to and to the kuva lichs and the amount. I don`t like any of the weapons they added, they are all ugly looking weapons, I was expecting weapons like twin kuva vipers, kuva amphis, kuva twin Krohkur all sick looking weapons. I also was expecting at least 7 new weapons but we only got 3 which I have no interest in getting, disappointing.



Melee/Guns Lookover

·       Even through I like that gun are getting buffs I don`t like that melee are getting nerfs and this is all because ppl keep comparing weapons and warframe abilities to steel path, a game mode that I find boring and don`t care about. Because of this, this will just exacerbate DE to nerfs things coz of the damage meta. 7 years ago, nerfs was not common until sorties came out. Imo steel path is the worst thing to come to this game.



Parazon Mods

·       I love the concept of these and it needs to be integrated more into warframe like doing a ledge finisher from above.

·       Their needs to be an easier way to get the gold mods, I notice if I do a sortie assassination, I don`t get it at all to the point where I only have one ever since its release. The chance of getting the gold mods needs to be higher.


Warframe: Yarelli


·       I like the way she looks but I don`t like the asymmetrical one sleave on her arm.

·       I like that she is childish like Nezha. I like the different types of warframes that we have (skinny, fat, hench, massive, childish). I would like to see an old man warframe and height/size differences. I hope that will be a thing in the future. With her mannerisms, if she was human I would imagine her as a Japanese girl.


1st ability:

Idm what it does but I feel like it could do a lot more, why not make enemies visually be caught inside the bubble and the decrease in health overtime be them not being able to breath, then when duration ends or deactivated it will explode causing a radial damage an knockdown.


2nd ability:

I like the idea but I don`t like it just being a k-drive since there are some levels that have close quarter areas (which we play in the most) and will cause a lot of collision, it should do more than what it does.


·       Holding the ability turns in into a companion and attack enemies which you can jump on at any time.

·       It can pass through small obstacles (grineer barricades)

·       Enemies it attacks are vulnerable to damage.

·       It leaves an ice trail slowing enemy’s movement which can be done while riding it or it as a companion.


3rd ability:

This ability I like the most, this is the ability that should have damage reduction on not the 2nd ability.


4th ability:

I don`t like this ability as her 4th, I think it needs to be completely replaced with a new ability or make it her 2nd or 3rd (but make it smaller) and make her 2nd ability her 4th.


All in all, her abilities are kind of weird combination and underwhelming, I hope they get better on release. Also just to let you know every wf they show weather I have play it or not I'm still going to give my opinion on it.


·       I don`t like her bubble gun, it looks ugly.

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