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Login issues



ALready sent a support ticket in for this, but no response as of yet.

So, my issue is, I cannot login.  I can log into the website just fine. But when I try to log into the game itself, I get the "log in failed. Check info" error message.

I have tried changing my password multiple times, and while each time the password functions just fine for logging into the website, it will not work for logging into the game.

No, it's not a case of my mistyping the password.  I have meticulously typed in the password both here on the website, and on the game itself. Same result across many dozens of attempted logins.  I have changed my password several times, same result.  Everything is being entered exactly as it should be, every letter that should be capitalized is capitalized in the password.  Works on the website. Not in game.

I cannot figure out wtf is going on.  As noted... and as you who are reading this can see.... My email and password do indeed work. Just not working on the game itself. Any ideas?

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