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How to buff guns: customizable base damage mods


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The best way to buff guns is to make them more powerful in ways that suit an individual player's preferred playstyle. To accomplish that, my idea is to create customizable base damage mods (Serration, Point Blank, Hornet Strike). For instance, I prefer sharpshooting with bows or semi-auto rifles. So for me, a Serration mod that gives +100% base damage, and an additional +100% on headshots, would be fantastic. For someone whose most-used weapon is an Ignis, maybe they could get a Serration mod that gives +100% base damage, with a 5-second buff that stacks up to 10x which grants an additional +5% base damage per stack.

If you like headshots and spray-and-pray, you could even mix them: additional +50% on headshots, 5-second +5% stacking buff per kill that stacks up to 5x. These are just two ideas, there could be a wide range to choose from. You could even have negative stats, e.g. +200% base damage, -150% on headshots. You could do elemental effects, e.g. +150% base damage +90% fire damage. You could even do +200% base damage -90% toxin damage (zeros out any toxin mod you add).

Like Riven mods, you'd be able to stack two buffs, or three buffs and a negative. If I were going to implement these, I'd make choosing and leveling each buff a sort of mini-quest of its own, kind of like tracking down and killing a Lich only maybe a bit less grindy and same-y. 

Also like Riven mods, you'd be able to have multiples. The 'drawback' would be that maxing each mod and its buffs would be a time and resource investment.

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