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Necramechs lose 50% of their affinity from all sources


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When leveling my Bonewidow in Orb Vallis, I noticed that my mech was getting only half of the xp that my Ironbride got. I was getting only Ironbride kills (maybe a few with mausolon). According to the wiki and my own testing, any affinity that the frame earns is matched by the exalted weapon. This means that if I get 100xp from an ironbride kill, the mech will get 100 xp and ironbride will get 100xp. However, through my testing, ironbride will indeed get 100xp, but bonewidow will only get 50xp. 

This means that Bonewidow is losing 50% of its xp to nothing; I got a kill for 724 xp using Ironbride. 724 xp was given to Ironbride, but only 362 was given to Bonewidow.

Here is my original example of 50% xp on Orb Vallis: image

I know that this is unintended, as an archgun kill (mausolon) of 302 xp rewards 151 xp to the mech and 151 xp to ironbride. This is working fine, as a weapon kill splits 50/50 mech and weapon, and the mech xp is transferred without error to ironbride.

My best guess is that for some reason, the base necramech melee is stealing 50% of the affinity from the mech, even though an ability kill should give 100% to the mech. 

This is a pretty big issue for anyone who wants to level a mech, because it takes twice as long.


To summarize: Kills with Ironbride give 100% of xp to Ironbride, but 50% to the mech. This is unintended because the 100% affinity transfer that occurs between mechs and exalteds is evident with archgun kills, but not ability kills.

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