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Can't complete Hidden Messages quest


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I had Mirage built entirely, the quest is stuck on 'Craft the Chassis with your blueprint', I didn't have the quest active when I claimed the chassis from the foundry and didn't bother to activate since I didn't think of it at the time. I then built Mirage's blueprint and still did not have the quest active. At this point the quest was still stuck on building the chassis. A couple months pass, and I got Mirage Prime, so I deleted normal Mirage. Now I can't finish the quest or buy the blueprint parts from Cephalon Simaris to try and complete it.




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I've had this same issue for years.

I didn't care before but now I have no way of making a second Mirage to subsume for the Helminth.

I know you don't care about fixing old bugs but at the very least give us a work-around way to craft a Mirage.

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