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Revenant Enthrall Ability Refresh?



Anyone know what causes Revenant's Enthrall ability to refresh duration sometimes? Example I have is my duration is currently around 50 seconds and sometimes the timer gets low and then will automatically refresh back to 50 seconds. The reason I don't like it auto refreshing is that I am also using Nyx's Mind Control Helminth ability. I cast Mind Control on a Heavy Gunner for example and then Enthrall on him. Maybe the combo of Mind Control and Enthrall is causing the ability to auto refresh? Curious if anyone else has experienced this. Is it a bug or part of the design? Thanks in advance for any replies!

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When you enthrall an enemy with your 1st skill then use your 3rd skill and rush through them it will refresh the shields and health and it adds more to the Mesmer Skin counter.

Anyway read the Abilities

  • Ability Synergy:
    • Reave's shield and health drain/restore percentages increase 5 times (10% / 20% / 30% / 40% by default) against Enthrall130xDark.png Enthralled enemies.
      • The drain percentage displayed in Abilities and the Upgrade screen display the Thrall-empowered drain.
    • While MesmerSkin130xDark.png Mesmer Skin is active, Reave restores 1 charge per thrall that Revenant passes through, up to the full charge count.
    • While Mesmer Skin is active, allies such as Warframes and Companions that pass through Reave's current will gain a Mesmer Skin buff with 1 charge that lasts until used.
    • Can be cast for 50% reduced energy cost and cancelled at any time during DanseMacabre130xDark.png Danse Macabre. Casting speed becomes instantaneous and allows limited steering with the movement keys during the dash.

Not sure about your timer refresh, it might be a bug if you read this below, the bold part.

    • Enthrall costs no energy when used on an enemy stunned by MesmerSkin130xDark.png Mesmer Skin.
    • Reave130xDark.png Reave steals shields and health 5 times more from thralls.
    • Alpha and beta thralls killed by DanseMacabre130xDark.png Danse Macabre leave behind pickups that grant 50 Overshields for Revenant and his allies.
    • Energy pillars explode to disperse damage radially when struck by Danse Macabre lasers.
      • Explosion deals the remaining damage of the pillar to surrounding enemies.
      • Explosion damage diminishes with distance.
      • Explosion radius is affected by Ability Range.
  • Can be cast on a new enemy target if below the number of max thralls active.
    • Casting Enthrall on a new target will not refresh the duration of existing Thralls.


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